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Circles and Points (of existence).

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Nov. 14th, 2015 | 12:11 pm
location: Front Royal, VA.
mood: Poetry.
music: Lincoln Durham - Ballad of a Prodigal Son. Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful.

I am a point on the circumference of a circle. Senselessness is demonstrated by the irrationality of pi separating me from the point who created me, the center and progenitor of the circle upon which I lie. I, as it, am not extended. The vastness of pointless space separates us, allows for the existence of us both.
If I describe a circle about myself, it may be composed from any radial length. My radius will double to produce my diameter, my measure of Two. The radius looks forward to describe the surrounding; the diameter reaches forward and back, and only exists in all space when the circle has been fully described. The radius exists, most vitally, during all moments of creation. During the initial moment of creation, the anticipation of that outward-looking eye was all of existence.
In essence: What Other?
Essence is existence without itself existing.
If I set my eye to the point of my genesis, I will resemble my generative point and its circumference in every respect. Size, shape, nature. I will continue as a point on its circumference, and it will be encompassed within mine. We share only those two points which perfectly describe both of our universes. That, and the empty space we both enclose while reaching with our arms.
If I look past the point that formed me, reach to my opposite point, I encompass the universe, and me, but I am no longer my center. The weight of my creator, its circle, weighs down the emptiness of the larger circle I described. I falter. I encompass all, and more than all.
And if I seek the smaller circle, the one tightly bound to me, I find only me.

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